3-in-1 all metal Vacuum Flask, mug and food container

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Modular, all metal thermal flask system for drink and food, for families, commuters and adventurers.

All metal. No plastic. No taste residue / lingering

No toxins leeching. Last (almost) forever. Super durable.

Integrated food tub /

(by using top mug and bottom lid). Stores on the flask system when not in use. Also no plastic whatsoever.

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Bottom compartment /
dry storage

No toxins leeching. Last (almost) forever. Super durable.

1L capacity in a compact footprint

through clever utilisation of space. Enough to last you for a day or more.

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500ml mug / food tub

A large cup of coffee or tea. Or iced tea. Or sangria. Or soup. Tomato or Gazpacho. Or porridge.

48 hour hot / cold

Hot and cold enough to drink and still enjoy. Ice cold water or piping hot tea, coffee, soup or food / beverage of your choice.

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Lots of fun colours to pick from!

Standard colour options: 'Pure Steel' and 'Jet-Black’. Additional colours: Orange, Chilli Red.

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